The best kind of advice, guidance, and moral support are provided by our friends all throughout our life. For any obstacles or bumps along our life, more often than not, we look up to our best friends for solutions. So what about your best friend on her wedding day? Being a bride is not as cheerful as you might think. She has to go under a lot of stress, has inadequate sleep, maintains a strict schedule and that too with mood swings. It is absolutely necessary that the bride has her best friends around her to give her invaluable moral support to tame her stress and mood swings. Here are 8 unsaid duties of every bride’s friend to level up your games:

The fashion advisor.

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Selecting the perfect dress to look beautiful on the big day is every bride’s desire, but the actual process of choosing the dress, picking the right color, matching outfits with the theme can make a bride worried and confused. Always be prepared to help her come to a decision while choosing the dress. Don’t confuse her too much with too many options.


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Go to the beauty salon with the bride to make sure the beauticians are doing exactly what the bride wanted. Make sure you assist her in wearing saree or lehenga. Also, keep track of time to fit everything into the schedule.

Bathroom breaks.

The bride’s dress is usually heavy and intricate. It gets in the way of her movement which causes a huge struggle sometimes. So help the bride in dragging this bulky outfit to the bathroom if needed. Wherever the bride goes, you go too.

Gossip Girls.

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Use your clever social skills to find out what relatives or aunties are saying about you, your dress, the food, the event. If you get a negative vibe from them, pass on some sweet words for the bride to leave a good impression. Later in the day, talk about all the gossips with the bride and have a laugh.

The Comedian.

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It is very tiresome and boring for the bride to sit in one place for the entirety of the event. Cheer her up every now and then to let go of her tension and boredom. Crack some jokes to lighten her mood and keep her entertained.

Help her at the table.

Help her eat without spilling it on her dress. Fold her lehenga or saree if needed, help her sit down at the table. During indoor events, if possible, feed her.

Goodbyes are hard.

The end of every wedding is emotional and sad, especially for the bride who most likely has to move away from her parent’s house to start a new life. Help her get through those emotional goodbyes by giving her moral support. Wipe away those tears without ruining her makeup and make sure you hug her during those emotional moments. Also, keep an eye out for the bride’s mother. Her mother needs as much emotional support as the bride during this time.

Visit the bride at her new home.

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Don’t think that just because the wedding ceremony is over, so does your responsibility towards the bride. She needs you more than ever now that she has to adjust to a new life at her in-laws. Visit her every now and then, give her advice, and bring her gifts or her favorite dessert. Keep her accompanied whenever you can and build a good relationship with her in-laws. In that way, she will get more accustomed to the new environment and feel more at home.

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