There is something that’s just so much fun about taking photos with friends, cousins or families especially with some added props and a cool background to make an interesting photo booth. This makes a more interesting and cooler set of pictures that you can preserve and have a laugh on or smile as you go through your photo albums years later. So here are 4 DIY photo booths that are inexpensive and will look amazing at the same time.

A Couch, an Adorable Quote, and Some Chaplet

Place a sofa (preferably of a color that goes with the event theme) against one of the walls in the room- look for a space that is empty, well-lit and close to the entrance. Include a few embellishments to make it pop up. Use paper cut letters as the quote and cover the wall with origami or fairy lights OR use flowers to make a beautiful backdrop for this photo booth.

Purchasing source: you can use a used sofa or search in online selling websites for a used couch at a cheap price. You can find hanging alphabets in any gift shops.





credit: Reminiscence Photography

DIY tips: Construct a hanger using wood or metal, or you can use your wardrobe hanger. Make a few leafy branches and hang them over the hanger however you like. You can go a step further by hanging simple garlands made of leaves. Make sure you place the hanger against a dark colored wall to give better contrast for your photo booth.

Purchasing source: flower shops in Shahbag, wooden hangar from Badda.

Giant Oversized Frame

DIY Tips: This oversized frame photo booth is relatively simple to make. It can made using a cardboard or foam. If you don’t have room or space to set aside a whole area for the photo booth, it can easily be carried around, but at the same time, it will as a backdrop as well.

Purchasing source: Any stationary shops sells cardboards and foams



Make Your Own Props


DIY Tips: If buying props for photo booths is too much of a hassle for you, then simply make your own! Click here for a tutorial to make props like these on your own. Once you have these, guests won’t care about a backdrop. But if you do want one, hang up a glittery or colorful sheet.

Unique and Sole Photo booth

credit: Metro Weddings

DIY Tips: This depends solely upon the bride and groom. If you have a cool idea of how your photo booth is going to be, then talk to your friends, partner and decorator to see whether that’s implementable. You can search online for various types of unique photo booths to get an idea.