Everything about weddings is really exciting, the dress, the ceremony, the vows. Here, the guests are treated as specials and exchanging gifts form an integral part of the wedding. However, while choosing a gift for the couple, one should keep in mind certain things like which party has invited us, the girls or the boys, our relation, our budget etc. Here are a few IDEAS to consider when deciding on a wedding gift for both the bride and groom.


When in a fix while choosing the gifts, you can always opt to give cash as a token of love. It’s OK to give the bride and groom money because lots of couples appreciate cash gifts and use them toward important expenses but it’s also OK to think outside the box and present your friends with a gift you know they’ll love which is something unique yet special and will help the groom and bride to remember you and your gifts for the lifetime! If handing out money seems unconventional or awkward, you can give them out in the form of prize bonds.


Another popular way of giving the gift of choice is to present the couple with Gift Vouchers. These vouchers can be used to purchase a wide range of lifestyle items like clothes, shoes, decorative items, books, electronic appliances, and gadgets. So, why not gift a voucher and let them purchase a gift of their own choice!

Purchasing source: Gadget N Gear, Banani.


Fragrant toiletry sets including –

Shower Gel and Shampoos

Spa basket with bath bombs is great for gifting.

It will be a great idea to combine such things into one single fragrant gift set. You can also go for Him and Her towel and Bathrobe sets with their names on them.

Purchasing source: Pink City, Gulshan; Bashundhara City.

Decorative items


If you have known the couple before they got married and have some nice memories captured, then without a doubt you can go for a Personalized Decorative Item. It’s the smallest of things that make a house feel like home. So consider gifting nice and pretty home decor items like lampshades, murals, paintings, wall hangings, clocks, statues, and vases. Handicraft items are a very nice touch when it comes to gifting.

Other decorative gifts may include:

-Photo frames

-Wall hangings

-Personalized Clocks

– Showpieces

Purchasing source: Aarong; Archie’s; Hallmark.