Gifts for the groom individually can be challenging as there are very few options when it comes to men. Generally, guys are minimalistic when it comes to picking gifts, which makes it even harder to find something that would suit their needs. Yet here are some ideas that may work for the occasion.

Wrist watch, tie, wallet and belt kit

Most of the men are fond of watches, tie, and belts and watch lovers usually have a large collection of watches for a different occasion. We think this kit will be the most appropriate gift you can give to the groom. 


Gadget Gifts


Most men have an allure for gadgets. So they are a great option as gifts for a wedding. Things like

  • iPod
  • Smart watch
  • Play Station games
  • Wireless headphones
  • Wireless speakers
  • Power bank

However, a man’s preference for the type of gadgets may vary. For example, an avid gamer might like an external RAM, HDD or Graphics card as a gift. On the other hand, a tech enthusiast might prefer smart accessories for mobile phones.




Most men are very self-conscious about their shoes. They want something comfortable yet very elegant. A white casual sneaker and a tassel loafer is the best suited gift for the groom. It is advisable to have a good idea about the size of the shoe the groom wears. However, we advise you to leave the purchase receipt inside the gift, in case the groom needs to change the size of the shoe.




A man likes to smell great while at home and on the go, that too especially around his newly wedded wife. A branded high-quality cologne will always be cherished by a man with good taste. If a branded perfume is out of the budget, then the second best option would be to gift a collection pack of body sprays, like – Axe, Beckham etc.