Certain styles and dresses are best avoided owing to their casual nature because Bangladeshi weddings are gala affairs where the outfits need to suit the occasion. We walk you through about what not to wear to a Bangladeshi wedding as a male guest.

Don’t Go Over the Top

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Of course, you do not want to grab all the attention at the wedding. We suggest that the look you go for should be modest and elegant and this does not mean you have to look washed out. Choose a simple sherwani or suit with minimal embroidery so that you make a statement while also letting the Bride and Groom take the spotlight.

Don’t wear anything Too Casual

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Meek cotton suits and clothing like denim and tee shirts are out of the question. Unless your clothing is tailor-made from a high-quality material like silk or brocade, avoid clothes that are very monotonous, like a blue shirt with grey pants.

Haldi Ceremony

The Haldi ceremony is typically held in the households of the bride and groom. Haldi involves the application of turmeric cream on the hands, legs, and face of the bride and the groom. Avoid anything too dressy like a sherwani or a formal look. It is likely that most people turn up in a Punjabi. So choose a Punjabi but avoid very gaudy colors because it would not go with the mood of the event. You can never go wrong with white. Wear a white Punjabi or single toned Punjabi. At best wear a coati over your Punjabi keeping in mind that your coati has to complement the color of Punjabi you are wearing.

The Wedding Ceremony & Reception

The wedding and reception is the one event where you cannot show up in casual jeans and shirts. A double-breasted suit or a dark-colored Sherwani is the right pick for this event. If possible, avoid black suits as most of the guests would be wearing black. If you have to wear black, go for a different shade of black. You do not want to blend in with the rest of the crowd.

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