While there are some things which are best left to professionals for your wedding, there are simple things which you can DIY! Why not engage yourself and your closest ones to the biggest day of your life and create memories together? Here are some simple wedding hacks to make yourself feel more included in your own wedding.



Artificial (or natural) flowers placed in shimmery glass jars or candles wrapped in laces. You can make shimmery glasses by throwing in glitter inside the glass and add water to keep them afloat.


source: www.wedmegood.com

Keep a regular floral bouquet and add a one-time disposable camera at the center of every table. Allow guests to take their own pictures and let them drop into a bin on their way out. The very next day, you can get the photographs developed and displayed. A disposable camera like this costs less than 4000 tk. This idea is our top recommended wedding hacks for you to try out.

Source: www.wedmegood.com



Flowery topiaries, globe lights or paper cut lanterns and photos hanging on the wall gives way for a sweet bespoke touch- especially suitable if events are held indoors at home. These are as easy to set up as it looks in the picture. More importantly, paper made lanterns, ribbons, origamis are an upcoming trend. Therefore, we want you to jump into that bandwagon. Cut them out in different colors and use glue or tape to stick them to the wall. Use fairy lights to cover the walls. A typical 30-foot fairy light costs around 250-300tk.

credit: Metro Weddings

credit: Reminiscence Photography

credit: Tanvir Ali Photography


credit: Metro Weddings

Terracottas are beautiful pieces of artwork. They are readily available in shops like Aarong or street stalls opposite of Curzon hall. You can order them in bulk at a discounted price too. Paint the terracotta’s to your liking and place candles inside them to create a mesmerizing effect. The great thing about these pieces is that you can use them as showpieces after the end of the event by placing them in your garden or your balcony.


Use all of your creatively gifted friends’ talent to craft a beautifully inscribed welcome frame or signage’s to hang all around your wedding venue. Create a wedding hashtag- a favorite Ananta Jalil or Sakib Khan Movie quote or even an inside joke between the couple.

There is something that’s just so much fun about taking photos with friends, cousins or families. Especially with some added props and a cool background. Regrettably, photo booths are expensive. Wedding events are costly enough, and you’ve got to cut costs wherever you can. These silly props and wedding hacks are inexpensive, easy to make and can be found in gift shops like Archies.