Event Coordinator

Save yourself a lot of time and stress by hiring our trusted and professional event coordinator who will ensure that your event takes place without any hindrance. Our event coordinator will take on the task of

  • Creating a checklist according to your plans
  • Checking up with service providers on a regular basis
  • Making sure your plan is being executed
  • Ensuring deadlines of services are met
  • Effective organizing of decoration, catering, seating arrangement etc.

More than often it has been the case that on the day of the wedding, the father, son or a relative cannot be found as they have to run around and make sure all the guests have been served food or whether the catering service has been started in due time. This takes out a lot of time and makes them unable to enjoy the event itself, like socializing with guests or being in photographs with the bride and groom a time that is better spent on something more useful. This is where our event coordinator steps in and takes on these responsibilities ensuring that you have a stress free event.

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We are interested in being a part of organizing your events so feel free to contact us anytime for our assistance.