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Dr. Mohammad Golam Kibriya has been in the industry for a long time.

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There are some government rule regarding wedding process. Government Charge 1250tk on 100000 tk Denmohor. But after 40000 tk this charge will be 100 tk.

Denmohor Amount Government Fee
100000 Taka 1250 Taka
200000 Taka 2500 Taka
300000 Taka 3750 Taka
400000 Taka 5000 Taka
500000 Taka 5100 Taka (After 400000 taka denmohor per lack fee will be 100 taka)

Kazi collect those TK on behalf of government. They will send this money to government. Usually they don’t have any price rate. If client wants to give him some money happily they will took that.

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